Sports Info Solutions - "SIS Model 4" MLB Projections

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Sports Info Solutions is the most trusted data and analytics source by Major League Baseball teams. SIS works with more MLB teams than any other data provider to deliver Baseball Operations staffs with resources that are essential to their success and decision-making.

In addition to pioneering the Sabermetrics revolution in baseball over the past 15 years, John Dewan and the SIS Research & Development team have developed a DFS algorithm that incorporates a vast amount of their proprietary data. Each offseason, the model is tested, reviewed, and enhanced. For the 2019 season, SIS presents its most advanced version yet – SIS Model 4.

The Sports Info Solutions DFS model is based off a player projection system devised by Dewan and Bill James. Model 4 has been built to consider an extensive list of player-specific information and elements that affect daily performance based on game conditions, while also incorporating proprietary analytics such as Defensive-Independent Batting and Pitching Statistics (DIBS/DIPS).

2018 SIS Model 3 tracked internal usage

Contest Type Games Win% ROI
50/50 1082 57% 10%
Double-Up 632 55% 20%
GPP 223 42% 171%
Overall 1937 55% 29%